About Us

Niranjan Bhat (Deshmaan)

Co-Founder, CEO & CTO

I believe the future world renders on only the following 6 things fundamentally. There will be no 7th one!

  1. Energy – Hydrogen, Thorium.
  2. Nano Technology – Graphene, Transformers.
  3. Quantanics – Quantum computer, Entaglement.
  4. Metaverse – VR, BCI, Brain Scan-Upload.
  5. Artificial Intelligence.
  6. DAO – Decentralized Society

Karma is real even inside the Metaverse!. God is always within us. The creator gives us clues, you can understand it only the moment when your are in kind hearted & good intention. Evolution & Beauty are just an illusion of entropy & broken symmetry. Randomness pattern is increasing. Double slit experiment is still Young! The Technological Singularity will starts at 2045. We can scan, upload & simulate our brain on Metaverse in 2048 & a new era will starts, after we can duplicate neocortex and get unlimited time & virtual space. This helps to know the question for the clue answer of 42* and We may reach our final destination. 

My entire life will be dedicated to this and hence achieving spiritual redemption in alignment with a higher dimension. This journey, for me, is the path to achieving true enlightenment & salvation of my soul with the divine.

This is everything about me.

Siva Krishna Bellam

Co-Founder & Development Lead

In the heart of Boomlex Technologies beats the passion and drive of Siva Krishna, our co-founder and the visionary behind our software development success. With an esteemed background from the Vellore Institute of Technology (Vellore, India) where he has pursued his Masters in Software Engineering.

About his past experiences and more:
I started my professional career with Nokia and later also worked at IndiaMart. Apart from my job responsibilities, wherever I went I kept building tools and softwares that automated many manual jobs, which ultimately used to lead to the team’s productivity. These experiences solidified my reputation as someone who thrives on making systems more efficient and user-friendly.

I’m passionate about building products that can ease the lives of people and solve daily life problems and keep moving towards solving bigger and bigger problems. I believe that anything can be achieved with proper time allocation and passion towards it.

At Boomlex, we’re not just building products; we’re crafting solutions that anticipate and address the needs of tomorrow. Our mission is to simplify complexities and introduce a new era of digital excellence. It’s a path we walk with excitement, knowing each challenge is an opportunity to redefine boundaries.

Out of my work, I have passion for Cars, Love swimming and want to learn how to drift cars and fly planes one day.

Boomlex Technologies Is Building Applications On These 3 Things

Web design

Boomlex is a cutting-edge web design service provider specializing in 3D design, VR website creation, and innovative designs that enhance interactive communication. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of digital presentation, they cater to businesses looking to elevate their online presence through immersive and engaging web experiences. Their expertise in using modern technology ensures that each project not only captures the audience’s attention but also significantly increases users conversation rate.

Spacial computing

Boomlex has way ahead the development of democratized VR and 3D/4D website builder application, designed to revolutionize website creation with immersive, interactive virtual experiences. This innovative tool empowers users to construct dynamic, visually captivating sites that stand out in today’s digital landscape.

Artificial intelligence

Boomlex extends its innovative offerings to include artificial intelligence-based web applications, seamlessly integrating AI to enhance user experience and functionality. Their solutions leverage the latest in AI technology to provide smart, efficient, and tailored web interactions for businesses looking to stay ahead in the digital realm.

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